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Character Analysis Elisa Allen Essay - 867 Words

John Steinbeck has a very engaging mind. He not only makes people think when they read his work; he makes them think through a number of scenarios with his tales. I believe that looking at this story, you sense this woman, Elisa Allen, is a woman who is very unhappy with her life. The only satisfaction Elisa gets out of life is being in her garden with her family of chrysanthemums. Elisa is very unsettled with her life as a whole. She does not like being stuck on the farm, away from the world and people outside her valley. She does not have any children so she treats her chrysanthemums as if they were her only allowed talent, gift, and special accomplishment, since they are a childless couple. Elisa lives in the valley with her†¦show more content†¦This man travels up and down the west coast for months at a time going from town to town looking for work to be able to make a living. He mends pots, sharpens knives, and scissors. He is a very big man who seems to prey on the weak-minded to earn his living. The man asks Elisa if she has any pots or scissors that she needs fixed. He hints at being offered a meal. Elisa brushed the man off, until he noticed, then realized her weakness, her passion, and her pride. Then he began asking about her flowers, and began asking her about getting some for a customer of his. Then he had her full attention, and she gave in and went in search of some old metal pots the man could fix. The man was very friendly towards Elisa; he was either very smart or he was a con man trying to say whatever to get what he wanted. He acted as though he was interested in her flowers but he was really interested in something else. He was not int erested in her chrysanthemums; he just wanted to make some money and eat that night and maybe have a quick sexual interlude with Elisa to hold him over until his next stop or opportunity. The man acknowledges that Elisa is at a crossroads in her life and she needs some excitement. The man takes advantage of Elisa while she is in a fragile, stagnant stage in her life. Maybe he was just at the right spot at the right moment in his eyes. Steinbeck stated: The mans eyes narrowed. He looked away self-consciously.Show MoreRelatedEssay on Character Analysis of Elisa Allen in The Chrysanthemums747 Words   |  3 PagesCharacter Analysis of Elisa Allen in The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck The Chrysanthemums, written by John Steinbeck, captures one day in the life of a woman who yearns for a more fulfilling life. Elisa is first portrayed as a woman whose tasks are exceeded by her abilities. As the day continues, a stranger briefly enters her life and, through manipulative words, fills her heart with hopes of change and excitement. We learn that these newly-found hopes are crushed when Elisa eventuallyRead More Character Analysis of Elisa Allen in The Chrysanthemums by Steinbeck1262 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom The Chrysanthemums will be given in an attempt to illustrate that Elisas character qualities, and gardening skills, are the survival traits shes adopted in order to survive, and keep her femininity and vulnerability in a mans world. The first evidence that supports this conclusion is the behavior which occurs between Elisa and her husband, Henry. There is a deeply rooted dysfunction between Henry and Elisa, [which is] a lack of real communication (Palmerino, 1). They are successfulRead MoreCharacter Analysis the Chrysanthemums1220 Words   |  5 PagesAmanda Garcia Mrs. Christopher Engl. 1302 April 15, 2013 Paper 1 Character Analysis â€Å"The Chrysanthemums† by John Steinbeck John Steinbeck was born in 1902 and lived during what is said to be the most troubled time in American history. Steinbeck was alive during the Dust Bowl paired with the Great Depression, which is believed to be the reason for his almost melancholiac tone in some of his works but he seemed a very diverse writer. Along with â€Å"The Chrysanthemums†, Steinbeck is the authorRead MoreEssay on Analysis of The Chrysanthemums1139 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of The Chrysanthemums The short story The Chrysanthemums gives insight into the life of its author. John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California. The locale of the story is of key resemblance to the Salinas in which Steinbeck was born and bread. Salinas was a typical American small town, [differing] only in location and a few distinctive features (McCarthy 3). The protagonist of this story, Elisa Allen, also resembles Steinbecks first wife. SteinbeckRead MoreProposal969 Words   |  4 PagesCharacter Analysis: Elisa Allen John Steinbeck has a very engaging mind. He not only makes people think when they read his work; he makes them think through a number of scenarios with his tales. I believe that looking at this story, you sense this woman, Elisa Allen, is a woman who is very unhappy with her life. The only satisfaction Elisa gets out of life is being in her garden with her family of chrysanthemums. Elisa is very unsettled with her life as a whole. She does not like being stuckRead MoreEssay on Symbolism in The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck1179 Words   |  5 Pagessomething else, by association a usually broader idea in addition to its own literal meaning (Cassill Bausch, 1728). John Steinbecks The Chrysanthemums may seem as a story describing a simple day with the Allen couple. It begins with Elisa Allen working in her garden and her husband, Henry Allen, negotiating with two suited business men that want to purchase steers. They seem to engage in conversations and go about their day as they normally would do. By the time the story ends, they are on theirRead More The Chrysanthemums Essay1649 Words   |  7 PagesJohn Steinbeck’s, The Chrysanthemums, was published in 1938 in a book of short stories, entitled The Long Valley. The Chrysanthemums has been a rather powerful draw for scholars because of its wide gap for interpretations and analysis of its main protagonist character, Elisa Allen and also the unique descriptions used to portray the deeper meaning behind the setting of the story. Themes of sexuality, oppression of women, as well as other numerous types of conflict portrayed in this rather somber shortRead MoreJohn Steinbeck2062 Words   |  9 Pageslike â€Å"The Chrysanthemums† and â€Å"Flight†. In Steinbeck’s â€Å"The Chrysthemums† Elisa Allen is married to a negligent ranch owner. While her husband works on the ranch, Elisa tends to her chrysanthemum garden daily. One day while tending to her garden, a charming ti nker man pulls up to her in his wagon and tries to make a business transaction with her. Seeing that she is not interested, the tinker strikes up a conversation with Elisa about her chrysanthemums. In the end, the tinker takes advantage of Elisa’sRead MoreAnalysis Of The Story The Story Of An Hour Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesENC1102 T/R 5:40PM TO 9:00PM WOLFSON CAMP ANALYSIS OF FEMALE CHARACTERS IN â€Å"THE STORY OF AN HOUR† â€Å"HILLS LIKE WHITE ELEPHANTS† AND â€Å"THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS† JUAN FELIX CASTILLO BATISTA PROFESOR JOSEPH FALLAD This essay is an attempt to describe the females’ characters between three of the most powerful short stories I ever read. My goal is to describe and compare three different women, in theirRead MoreEnglish All Semester 26504 Words   |  27 PagesWeek 7 7.03A, 7.03B 7.05B, 7.08 Week 8 8.01, 8.02A and B, 8.03, 8.05 (segment exam) 5.03- A rose for Emily Part I: Character Identification in A Rose for Emily In complete sentence format, identify each of the following characters. Remember reporters, be sure to include as much information as possible to give your readers a vivid picture of each of the following characters: 1. Emily Grierson: Emily Grierson was a young lady, whose life was always run by her father. Her father who was

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Agoraphobia Essay - 1277 Words

A phobic disorder is marked by a persistent and irrational fear of an object or situation that presents no realistic danger. Agoraphobia is an intense, irrational fear or anxiety occasioned by the prospect of having to enter certain outdoor locations or open spaces. For example, busy streets, busy stores, tunnels, bridges, public transportation and cars. Traditionally agoraphobia was solely classified as a phobic disorder. However, due to recent studies it is now also viewed as a panic disorder. Panic disorders are characterised by recurrent attacks of overwhelming anxiety that usually occur suddenly and unexpectedly (Weiten, 1998). For a person diagnosed with agoraphobia, there are a number of restrictions and consequences associated†¦show more content†¦Systematic desensitisation includes three steps. The first step is to help the person construct an anxiety hierarchy. An anxiety hierarchy is a list of stimuli related to the specific source of anxiety, in this case being i n a busy public place. The stimuli are ranked from the least to the most feared or avoided. An example of an anxiety hierarchy for someone with agoraphobia might include: Degree Of fear 5Show MoreRelatedAgoraphobia Essay486 Words   |  2 PagesAgoraphobia is the fear of the market place. This basically the fear of open spaces or being crowded. Agoraphobia is not just another name for shyness it is a social phobia. It is usually goes unrecognized and untreated. Common questions asked are what causes it and how do you treat it? I will answer these questions for you. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Nearly 900,000 teenagers suffer from agoraphobia. Most people don’t realize that panic disorders often first become apparent in teenage years.Read MoreIrrational Fears: Agoraphobia Essay1305 Words   |  6 PagesAgoraphobia According to Klasco (2011), psychological disorders are abnormalities of the mind that result in persistent behavior patterns that can have an impact on daily tasks and life in general. There are many different groups of psychological disorders, one of those being anxiety disorders, which King (2013) states features motor tension, hyperactivity, and apprehensive expectations and thoughts (p. 448). There are also many subgroups of anxiety disorders, including phobic disorders, inRead More Agoraphobia and its Impact on a Persons Life Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesAgoraphobia and its Impact on a Persons Life A phobic disorder is marked by a persistent and irrational fear of an object or situation that presents no realistic danger. Agoraphobia is an intense, irrational fear or anxiety occasioned by the prospect of having to enter certain outdoor locations or open spaces. For example, busy streets, busy stores, tunnels, bridges, public transportation and cars. Traditionally agoraphobia was solely classified as a phobic disorder. However, due to recent studiesRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Panic Disorder3756 Words   |  16 Pagesalso known as CBT, exposure therapy, and antidepressant medication. It is interesting to study panic disorder since it is so prominent throughout the US. This essay will examine panic disorder, characteristics of panic disorder, the side effects of panic disorder, and the pros and cons of treatments of panic disorder. Therefore this essay intends to deal with the following research question: To what extent is cognitive behavioral treatment, exposure therapy and antidepressant medication effectiveRead More Discover the Intricacies of Agoraphobia Essay1961 Words   |  8 Pagesaliment in particular, Agoraphobia, is of particular interest to me as it affects many of my family members in ways both subtle and drastic, and I cannot help but wonder if I too will fall victim to it. I know from previous knowledge that this particular ailment is a mental one, though I have witnessed it causing drastic physical symptoms, and that it generally involves a fear of leaving home for an open, public place. Through research, I aim to find the cause of agoraphobia, including anything thatRead MoreUnderstanding Social Phobia1569 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will discuss the mental disorder known as Social Phobia. The major symptoms of this disorder will be identified before critically considering the difficulties regarding the diagnosis of Social Phobia. Biological and psychosocial explanations will be explored and evaluated appropriately in order to gain a better understanding of this disorder. Furthermore, the treatments in terms of medication and behavioural therapies will be scrutinised and appraised suitably. Social Phobia can alsoRead MoreEssay on Anxiety Disorder and the Different Types677 Words   |  3 Pageson past researches, thesis and theories. Is there strong evidence for the use of psychological therapy for treating anxiety disorders? We need to understand more deeply anxiety disorders and therapies proposed to answer this question. First, this essay will review some of many types of anxiety disorders and their descriptions. Second, it will go through the types of psychological therapies. Finally, it will present the effectiveness of certain therapies for each type of anxiety disorders throughRead MoreEssay The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 1789 Words   |  8 PagesAgoraphobia is derived from the Greek words agora, meaning â€Å"gathering place† or â€Å"assembly† which was used to describe a city’s marketplace, and phobia meaning â€Å"fear.† It literally means fear of the marketplace. Carl Westphal first coined the term â€Å"agoraphobia† in 1871 to describe people who were afraid of large open spaces. Since then, the definition of agoraphobia has been modified and continues to develop as more research is done. (Barlow, 2002, p. 328) The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ofRead MorePhobias : What Do Spiders, Water, Elevators, Mice And Heights Have? Common?915 Words   |  4 Pagesnecessarily have to be something dangerous. For example, a phobia I know a lot of us suffer from would be public speaking. See? Not very dangerous physically, but can be very stressful because of the extreme anxiety it can cause in some people. In this essay, we will cover a few of the key points and hopefully learn a little more generalized information on phobias, how they affect people, and some things maybe we can do to help minimize our fears. Without further ado, let’s begin! â€Æ' Like said earlierRead MoreReview of Mairs Autobiography Entitled, On Being a Cripple Essay600 Words   |  3 Pagespersonal experience in Mairs’ past and draws out the meaning as she tells her story and reflects on her experiences. The key factors of an autobiographical essay include dramatic events or episodes, vivid details and narration, and an interweaving of narration with reflection on and interpretation of the essayist’s experiences (Norton xxvii). This essay focuses on Mairs’ experiences and personal struggles with multiple sclerosis. Nancy Mairs was born in Long Beach, California in 1943. Throughout

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Heres What I Know About College Application Essay Engineering Samples

Here's What I Know About College Application Essay Engineering Samples The College Application Essay Engineering Samples Stories Essays are an essential component in the college application procedure. Share an essay on any subject of your selection. Regardless of what topic you select, allow some time for extra editing. 1 way to get started coming up with interesting suggestions for your Common App essay is to have a look at the instructions. It's possible for you to have a look at the the latest Forum post for the complete announcement. Your response shouldn't be a book report. There isn't a prompt to direct you, and that means you must ask yourself the questions that will get at the center of the story that you want to tell. There are two or three things you can do in your essay to be noticed and get accepted. Read it through a time or two, and get to thinking about ways to write something which gets you into five colleges at the same time! Spell check doesn't pick up everything and you maynot depend on it. College Application Essay Engineering Samples Help! Your introduction is your very first chance to reveal how unique and original you're. If your social security number is necessary for financial aid, you will need to submit it. More frequently than not, deadlines for submitting applications are almost always short which makes many possible applicants worry they will not have the ability to submit their sample essay for MBA application in time. Work with your students to assist them with this important part of their application. A History of College Application Essay Engineering Samples Refuted In just about all situations, you ought to avoid writing a conventional opening paragraph. You should definitely take advantage of contractions, which enhance the stream of your essay. There are 3 distinct structures to compose a personal narrative. Don't use the hardly any words you must tell us about yourself, only to speak about what you do. The better part of the essay employs standard English and English grammar. Students should stick with the normal personal essay format. You should try and follow evocative writing while completing this kind of essay. Before you commence writing your co llege essay, you might need to see the essay examplesA that we've listed for you, so you may have more idea on what things to put in the college essay which you will create. The term limit on the essay will stay at 650. All you have to do is specify if you want your essay to be delivered. There are several essay topics that it is possible to use in your essay. A brief sentence is utilized to make the emotional resolution of the admission essay. Community Service Another important component in college admission is community support. It presents students with a number of opportunities and challenges. Colleges are more inclined to admit students who can articulate certain explanations for why the school is a superb fit about them beyond its reputation or ranking on any list. From grades to community assistance, most colleges have specific requirements they will search for in students. Maybe it turned out to be a different feature of the admission process that solidified your application. At the exact same time, you are going to impress the college admissions folks greatly if you are able to present your capacity to learn from your failures and mis takes. In the event you have any pressing questions, you do not have to shy away. A college application is a sort of process that could get an influence on your life. The Advantages of College Application Essay Engineering Samples College admissions also are based on the essay you write. Summer is a great time to start your college essay. Upcoming college students might also be requested to compose a college essay for a portion of their first requirements. Identifying each of the essays you need to write as part of your college application procedure will make it a lot easier that you determine what you ought to be sharing with admissions officers and where you need to be sharing it. It is crucial to capture the interest of the admission tutors no matter how strict they may appear to be. Choosingessay topics is essential for a student. Come up with several possible answers prior to deciding what things to write.

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Work Force the Solution to the Talent Shortage

Question: Discuss about the Work Force the Solution to the Talent Shortage. Answer: Introduction This report emphasizes on the human resource issue described in the news article named Is the retired work force the solution to the talent shortage in Australia. There is a presence of shortage of skilled workforce in Australia. The news article emphasizes that majority of the workforce consider that the ageism factor is the obstacle in their career development. From the survey carried out with 4500 global job seekers for the purpose of gaining knowledge regarding the attitudes of the candidates towards job search and career progression, it is found out that Australians consider ageism as the major obstacle in career progression in comparison to Americans and British candidates. Approximately 37% of Australians consider ageism as a key barrier which has to be overcome for the purpose of progress of the professional career of the candidates (HCA, 2016). Although, age is considered as a key barrier among candidates in a global context but among Australians, it is a major barrier in the progress of the career of the candidate. Besides this, the companies which consider broad spectrum of age to provide job to candidates are able to attain competitive advantage over other players in the market (Freyens, 2010). Majority of the companies in Australia has put a barrier to provide job to a candidate who is old and have large experience as there is a requirement to fulfill the diverse needs of diverse workforce. This results in making required changes in the organization which is prohibited by the executives of different firms (Tarique Schuler,2010). There is a presence of large number of unretirees or boomerang workers that can fill open positions in the businesses which helps in prevention of the problem of limited talent in the country. These people helps in achieving the common goal of the business in an effective manner as they have experience to carry out different business operations in an effective manner. Providing employment to such people will help in overcoming the problem of talent shortage in the country. Employers should also gain knowledge regarding the preferences of the workforce due to presence of generational gap between the employees (Dychtwald, et al.2006). This is because employers try to fill the vacant positions in the organizations by employing old people. The companies which make necessary adjustments in the business practices and culture can gain benefits from providing employment to old and experienced people in the business. Companies resist making and implementing changes in the work environment as per the needs and requirements of old people due to which they restrict the selection of the older people in the organization (Burke,2015). Identification of the human resource issue and its relation with the theories and models The main issue faced by the companies in Australia is the shortage of talent in the country. Employers in Australia find difficulty in filling of the job vacancies due to presence of limited skilled labor in the country. The main reason behind is that there is a presence of lack of experience, available applicants and hard skills in the candidates due to which, companies fid difficulty in filling of the vacant positions. In order to fill the positions, companies restrict the selection of the retired or old people in the company as there is a presence of inter generational differences which has to be eliminated by the leaders of the organization to gain competitive advantage over other players in the market. In addition to this, rapid changes have been taking place in the business environment for which there is a need to upgrade the skill set of the old employees for which there is a need to provide training to them (Stanley, 2010). In context to this, Maslows need theory is appropriate. This is because the Maslow has categorize the needs into five categories which has to be fulfilled by the employers in order to gain high level of employee satisfaction. Fulfillment of the needs results in increasing the level of motivation of the employees in the organization. The five categories of needs include physiological needs, safety needs, love or belonging needs, self esteem needs and self actualization needs. In case of retirees and old people the basic and psychological needs are fulfilled but they are willing to fulfill their esteem needs which include gaining recognition and feeling of accomplishment (Heilmann, 2010). Besides this, old people and retirees are willing to fulfill their self fulfillment needs which include achievement of full potential of themselves. In addition to this, employers are unable to fulfill the self actualization needs of the older people as there is a requirement of providing training to them for the purpose of upgrading their skills in order to attain competitive advantage in the market. Employers find difficult in reducing the intergenerational gap that exists between retirees and young people. The main reason behind it is that the businesses have to implement change in the organization in various aspects such as procedures and policies. Besides this, the country also facing difficulties in filling of the job vacancies through young people as there is a lack of required skills in young people such as hard skills, soft skills, and lack of experience (Dychtwald, et al. 2006). There is also an occurrence of age discrimination at every facet of Australian society. The companies are required to fill the job positions by selecting old people as it results in increasing the productivity of the companies. In addition to this, companies are also reducing the number of older workers due to which older employees find it difficult to re-enter the workforce as they are unable to maintain their previous standard of living. The main reason behind it is that they are under paid in the organization. This the reason that the country is facing the situation of the talent shortage. Once the old employee left the job then it finds difficulty in gaining employment at the same rewards as in the previous workplace due to which, they find difficulty in fulfilling their physiological needs and are less motivated to provide high productivity (Smith, 2008). Employees invest money in keeping them younger as they have the fear that the employers regarded them as older at young age and retire them from the job. Thus, they find difficulty in getting other job with same benefits. Besides this, the other theory which is appropriate in this context is Herzbergs motivation-hygiene theory. This theory states that there are certain factors which are responsible for satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the employees from the job. In Australia, the employees are selected on the basis of their age due to which older people are dissatisfied by their jobs due to certain factors such as salary, security, company policies, relationship with peers and supervisors and so on (Phillips Roper, 2009). In order to overcome the problem of talent shortage in the organizations there is a need for the employers to give emphasis on selecting and providing jobsa to old people whoi have experience and knowledge relevant to the job. As per the theory, the factors responsible for satisfaction and dissatisfaction are separate from each other (Burke, 2015). Recommendations It is recommended that the companies should provide employment to retirees as they have knowledge and experience relevant to the job positions which results in increasing the productivity and profitability of the companies. In addition to this, for the purpose of mitigating the problem of talent shortage in the country, it is requisite for the businesses to collaborate with the universities and educational institutions in order to gain skilled employees who can help in increasing the productivity of the organizations. Besides this, organizations should also provide training to the employees for the purpose of upgrading the skills of the existing employees. In addition to this, the companies should bring changes in the policies and programs in order to provide friendly environment to employees by reducing the intergenerational differences (Beechler Woodward, 2009). The company should provide fringe benefits to the employees in order to attract more and more candidates towards the organization. In order to fulfill the shortage of talent in the organization through selection of the retirees and old people, it is requisite to revise the hiring and screening processes and establish different policies such as retirement and benefits policy in a careful manner. It is also requisite for the companies to provide supportive work environment to all its employees which facilitates in increasing their motivation level and commitment towards the organization (Pillay, Kelly Tones, 2010). This helps in increasing the productivity of the companies and help in attaining a competitive edge over other players in the market. In addition to this, provision of effective training sessions helps in spreading awareness regarding the workforce discrimination occurred in the organization. Such training sessions help in improving the behavior of the employees towards the situation (Ashiedu Ladd, 2012). References Burke, R.J. (2015). The Multi-generational and Aging Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities. Edward Elgar Publishing. Dychtwald, K. et al. (2006). Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills And Talent. Harvard Business Press. HCA. (2016). Is the retired work force the solution to the talent shortage in Australia. Retrieved February 3, 2017, from Beechler, S. Woodward, I.C. (2009). The global war for talent. Journal of international management 15, 273-285. Phillips, D.R. Roper, K.O. (2009). A framework for talent management in real estate. Journal of Corporate Real Estate 11(1), 7-16. Smith, S.D. (2008). The global workforce shortages and the migration of medical professions: the Australian policy response. Australia and New Zealand Health Policy 5(7). Heilmann, P. (2010). To have and to hold: Personnel shortage in a Finnish healthcare organization. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 0, 1-6. Stanley, D. (2010). Multigenerational workforce issues and their implications for leadership in nursing. Journal of Nursing Management 18, 846-852. Tarique, I. Schuler, R.S. (2010). Global talent management: Literature review, integrative framework and suggestions for further research. Journal of World Business 45, 122-133. Freyens, B.P. (2010). Managing skill shortages in the Australian public sector: issues and perspectives. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 48(3), 262-286. Ashiedu, J.A. Ladd, B.D.S. (2012). Understanding teacher attraction and retention drivers: addressing teacher shortages. Australian Journal of Teacher Education 37 (11), 16-35. Pillay, H.K., Kelly, K. Tones, M.J. (2010). Transitional employment aspirations for bridging retirement : implications for training and development. Journal of European Industrial Training, 34(1), 1-27.

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An Analysis of the Conclusion to Wuthering Heights Essay Example

An Analysis of the Conclusion to Wuthering Heights Essay Example An Analysis of the Conclusion to Wuthering Heights Paper An Analysis of the Conclusion to Wuthering Heights Paper Essay Topic: Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights Conclusion As we learned in class from the group presentation, the purpose of gothic literature is to evoke emotions of terror and horror, as well as break social norms. Typical image and imagery include specters, ghosts, and demons, along with dim lighting or eerie settings. Themes of gothic literature include uncertainty and the examination of the nature of power, law, society, family and sexuality that usually build to a great climax. Wuthering Heights is a great example of all of those aspects, but unlike most Gothic romances, I do not think that Wuthering Heights builds to an intense and violent climax before its ending. Instead, I think the tension in the novel unfolds as the inner conflict within Heathcliff slowly dissolves, as his love for Catherine lessens his longing for revenge on his dead oppressors children. Although the novels happy ending is not possible until Heathcliffs death, his authority becomes less threatening in the days that precede his death. As time passes, Heathcliff becomes increasingly bsessed with his dead love Catherine, and finds constant reminders of her everywhere he turns. He begins conversing with her ghost, and, after his climactic night on the moors he is overcome with a sudden sense of cheer, and he has a happy premonition of his own impending death. This part of the novel makes me very suspicious about what occurred at the moors to cause Heathcliffs change of attitude. The text frequently compares Heathcliff to the Devil, but he does not believe in Hell. His forced education of religion as a child caused him to deny the existence of Heaven, and his lack of religious beliefs seemed to cause him not fear death. I think death for Heathcliff symbolizes one thing: the beginning of his reunion with Catherine. I think the thought of this reunion with Catherine even sparks excitement for Heathcliff, which gives him the happy premonition of death. I think the marriage between Cathy and Hareton, symbolizes the start of a new life and the end of depression and disparity in the novel. I also think the marriage symbolizes the ower love has to overcome hardships and prevail. The marriage between Cathy and Hareton leading to a happy ending is also foreshadowing of the idea that had Catherine and Heathcliff been allowed to marry, the violence and revenge seen in the second half of the novel may not have occurred. I think that the reunion of Catherine and Heathcliffs ghosts is a fitting piece to the happy ending of the novel, demonstrating again that true love prevails, for better or for worse. An Analysis of the Conclusion to Wuthering Heights By Bmpegram

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Free Essays on Analysis On John Donnes’ Holy Sonnet 14

to let God know that: He is the one who gives us all breath; He is the one who shines above everything; He is the one that helps us out more than any other thing. Secondly Donne admits that he is a sinner. He states that in order for him to be able to be a new person and â€Å"rise and stand† (3) before God, he must first be overthrown and broken. He goes on to say that he is engulfed in sin and is essentially in an unwanted rela... Free Essays on Analysis On John Donnes’ Holy Sonnet 14 Free Essays on Analysis On John Donnes’ Holy Sonnet 14 Analysis on John Donnes’ Holy Sonnet 14 As a Christian, John Donne writes his â€Å"Holy Sonnet 14: Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God† as a traditional orthodox prayer. He writes in the context of addressing God with praise at the beginning and the end of his prayer. In his prayer he also admits he is a sinner and asks for redemption. This particular course follows the same structure of numerous prayers found throughout the Bible. One of the most prominent of them is â€Å"The Lord’s Prayer† told by Jesus in Matthew 6: 9-13. We know that John Donne was a traditional orthodox Christian by the way he addresses God. He refers to God as a â€Å"three-personed God† in line one. He refers to God as three persons in one unit, not separate, for a reason. Traditional Christianity explains God as being made up of three parts: The Father; The Son; The Holy Ghost. Therefore when Donne refers to God this way we know he is addressing in the traditional orthodox Christian way. In Christianity, the Bible teaches us how to pray. One example is when Jesus recited â€Å"The Lord’s Prayer†. He was setting a particular course that he wanted Christians to follow. The first part of His prayer begins with addressing God and giving Him praise when He says â€Å"Our Father [†¦] Hallowed be Thy name.† (9). Donne follows this by addressing God in the first line. He then goes directly into praising God by saying, â€Å"You / As but knock, breathe, shine, and seek to mend† (1-2). He says these particular words to let God know that: He is the one who gives us all breath; He is the one who shines above everything; He is the one that helps us out more than any other thing. Secondly Donne admits that he is a sinner. He states that in order for him to be able to be a new person and â€Å"rise and stand† (3) before God, he must first be overthrown and broken. He goes on to say that he is engulfed in sin and is essentially in an unwanted rela...

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Nationalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

Nationalism - Essay Example One of the significant roles it played in this era was leading of unity between nations. As a result, people were able to talk with one voice and establish a nation based on their ideas, values, languages, and customs. For example, in this period, Italy was controlled by various nations. Nationalist beliefs led to upset of Italians due to control by various foreign rulers. Hence, there was formation of nationalist group such as Young Italy. The group and others organized revolt in various parts of country under different rulers. The foreign rulers were toppled and driven out of the country. As a result, Italians were able to be united. Moreover, the idea of nationalism in this period led to establishment of independent states. Nationalism led to resentment against foreign rule. At this period, there was dynastic authority in various parts of Europe. The call for nationalism led to war such as eight-year war against Ottoman rule. The consequence of the war was independence of various states such as Greek. On the other hand, nationalist ideas led to rise of revolutions. Most of the revolutions in this era called for political changes especially with hardship experienced by people. One of such war was the Franco-Prussian war that lasted for half a year. The war led to defeat of France and the formation of German