Friday, February 21, 2020

Nationalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

Nationalism - Essay Example One of the significant roles it played in this era was leading of unity between nations. As a result, people were able to talk with one voice and establish a nation based on their ideas, values, languages, and customs. For example, in this period, Italy was controlled by various nations. Nationalist beliefs led to upset of Italians due to control by various foreign rulers. Hence, there was formation of nationalist group such as Young Italy. The group and others organized revolt in various parts of country under different rulers. The foreign rulers were toppled and driven out of the country. As a result, Italians were able to be united. Moreover, the idea of nationalism in this period led to establishment of independent states. Nationalism led to resentment against foreign rule. At this period, there was dynastic authority in various parts of Europe. The call for nationalism led to war such as eight-year war against Ottoman rule. The consequence of the war was independence of various states such as Greek. On the other hand, nationalist ideas led to rise of revolutions. Most of the revolutions in this era called for political changes especially with hardship experienced by people. One of such war was the Franco-Prussian war that lasted for half a year. The war led to defeat of France and the formation of German

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